We can make a difference

“The stories of the rhinos are ones that connect the past, the present, and the future. Let them be heard.” - Phan le Ha Long (Peter), Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador In July 2017, 11 young people from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,...

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“We can make a difference,” says Vietnamese Youth

The continued senseless killing of African rhino for their horn, is driven by the demand for horn in primary consumer countries in Asia, such as Vietnam and China. More than 90% of horn goes to or through Vietnam. With the older generations for the most part set in...

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Vietnamese Youth Competition Winners To Help Rhino

“I think that buying rhino horns just to show others that you are rich is unreasonable, It infuriates me that the world has to sacrifice rhinos just for a group of people wanting to basically show off their money.” These are the words of a young Vietnamese girl as...

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SA rhino campaign gaining momentum in Vietnam

The Wilderness Foundation said its rhino awareness campaign in Vietnam is gaining traction. The organisation said the second phase of its awareness campaign was launched this month in 11 international schools throughout Ho Chi Minh City. It calls on young Vietnamese...

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The Vietnam, be my hero campaign Launched

A new rhino awareness campaign that launched this month in 11 international schools throughout Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), is calling on the young people of Vietnam to be superheroes and speak out against the use of rhino horn in their country. This comes after a recent...

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